Smoking Facts

Checking Out Smoking Facts To Remind You To Quit


Smoking is habit that millions of people have all over the world. The number of illnesses and deaths related to cigarette smokers is phenomenal. However, even with these kinds of facts, quitting is still harder than ever. If you are considering your health and stopping smoking, check out these smoking facts for helping you to make up your mind.


Most everyone, whether they smoke or not, know the risk it has for lung cancer. Thousands of people have died with different forms of lung cancer that have been directly related to cigarettes. Many smokers may not be aware of the numbers of chemicals present in every cigarette they light. Some of these chemicals that help to enhance the taste of tobacco have also been linked to certain forms of cancer.


smoking facts

No one likes to think about catching a cold or flu virus. However, if you smoke, you are increasing your chances to suffer with more respiratory illness like allergies and colds. Cigarette smoke contain free radicals that cause damage to your body on a cellular level. This is the greatest reason you may never see a change in your health due to smoking until it could be too late.

Quitting Helps You Look And Feel Great


Several medical conditions are made worse when you smoke. Arthritis can become more severe and painful due to free radical damage as well. You can experience more headaches and troubling digestive issues. You may have sleeping and insomnia issues that could be solved when you top smoking cigarettes. The appetite problems you have could be gone if you stopped.


Millions of dollars are spent every year for anti aging products. More than half of these millions are spent by people that also smoke. Keep in mind many anti aging products contain antioxidants, nutrients geared just for fighting free radicals. If you are wondering why your anti aging product is not producing results, you might consider if you are exposing your self to cigarette smoke every day.


Many smokers do so due to the feeling of calmness it gives them. The sad fact is the stress smokers have in their lives is being made worse with cigarette smoke. The number of people that die from heart and stroke are great. Cigarette smoke is a huge contributing factor to these illnesses that are caused mostly by stress and a poor circulatory system. Think of how your blood would flow without the inhibition of carbon monoxide in it.

More and more people are being treated by their physician for depression and anxiety. The gist of being healthy and happy at the same time is by taking care of your total health. By taking the best care of you, the better you will feel and look. Looking and feeling great will help you destroy bouts of anxiety and depression.


Trying to quit cigarettes is hard. Talking to your doctor about the drugs available for helping you to quit can have many benefits for your total health. Learn more smoking facts and how you are affected by them.